— The Best Guide to Self-Install Your Next Cox Device

Pick a random house — not just in the United States — you will not be surprised to find an array of equipment including digital gadgets, devices, and what not! Technology has slowly and gradually steeped into everyone’s life. In other words, technology has evolved over the years, which has led modern individuals to resort to cutting-edge technology. And when we talk about technology, the “high-speed internet” does have a mention as it has become an integral part. Every household in the USA does boast reliable, high-speed internet. If you are looking for the best Internet connection, it would be a smart move to opt for Cox.

Cox Communications, formerly Times-Mirror Cable, Dimension Cable Services, and Cox Broadcasting Corporation also known as Cox Cable, currently boasts more than 6 million customers (3.2 million digital telephone subscribers, 3.5 million Internet subscribers, and 2.9 million digital cable subscribers), making it the 7th-largest telephone carrier in America. It is very much committed to offer the best services including Cox Home Security, Cox Phone, Cox Internet, and Cox TV with the highest quality and affordability.

If subscribed to the Cox service, you will get their device (Cable Modem or Gateway). Learn the process to enjoy uninterrupted service. Read on for the step-by-step guide to Cox’s self-installation. — Step-by-Step Guide to Cox Self-Installation

Opting for self-installation saves you from paying off excessive charges. Even if you don’t boast great skills, by following the steps below you will easily be able to carry out the installation process. The first few steps are the same irrespective of your Internet package. And then depending on your package, i.e. Cox Internet with a cable modem or Cox Gateway, you will have to follow the steps accordingly.

The Common Steps –

· Check Your Self-Install Kit: The first that you need to do is checking the kit. You must have Modem or Cox Gateway, Ethernet cable, Coaxial cables, Power cord, Instruction guide & troubleshooting tips, Cable filter (if subscribed to the Cox Advanced TV), and a Two-way signal splitter (if subscribed to the Cox TV).

· Keep the Modem at a Suitable Place: Find the best spot to keep the device properly.

· Turn off PCs and Laptops: To avoid any kind of hassle, you need to power off the device (laptop or PC).

· Plug-in the Cable: Connect your coaxial cable to the wall connection after you have selected the right spot. Now, connect the cable to the cable port on the modem.

· Connect to Power: The final step is to plug-in the power adapter to the wall. Next, you need to connect it to the modem.

Cable Modem Self-Installation –

· Let the Modem Light Stabilize First: You may have to wait for 10 minutes (max) for the status light to turn a solid color.

· Add an Ethernet Cord: After the light turns solid, connect your device with an Ethernet cord (provided).

· Turn on the Computer (PC or Laptop): You are now all set to turn on your system and activate the Internet service from Cox.

Gateway Self-Installation –

· Let the Wi-Fi Lights to Turn Solid: Cox Gateway can have both wireless and wired connection options. You can wait for a few minutes until the lights turn solid colors.

· Connect to Wi-Fi: Once the lights turn solid, the Gateway can now be used. You need to connect to the wireless network via your tablet, computer, laptop, etc.

· Put Your Wireless Details: The “Wi-Fi Quick Reference Card” contains the Network Name and Key. Check for these details to enter in the right fields.